On May 17, 2016 we brought many needed supplies, special gifts, and a birthday party to the Thien Tam Orphanage. Thien Tam is a small and loving home to a group of young orphans just outside of Nha Trang. The orphanage depends upon donations for survival, and the caregivers had some special needs that we were happy to accommodate. For general supplies, we brought bags of rice, dried beans, cleaning products, cooking oil, and other general necessities.

For the children, we brought lots of toys, and threw the orphans a special birthday party with cake and snacks. Four orphans have birthdays in May, but the cake and party was for everyone. After digging into their cake, the children were quick to dive into their toys. It was a very fun day!

This trip was made possible through the kind donation of Hien Le of the UK. The children were so happy that they drew up thank you cards to show their appreciation.

Thank you!!!