On July 4, 2015 we visited the Thien Tam Orphanage with foodstuff and special gifts for the orphans. This trip was made possible by the continuing support of JL Support Services. When we contacted the caregivers at Thien Tam about their needs, they asked for general foodstuff, school supplies, and books. Our coordinator, Hiep, came to the orphanage with bags of rice, instant noodles, cooking oil, cheese, packaged meats, canned sardines, fruit, medicine, school notebooks, school textbooks, and picture books. The children dove into the picture books right away!

The orphanage also had one special item on their wish list. They already have a TV, and a popular pastime in Vietnam is to sing karaoke. The children love it, and the caregivers asked for a karaoke machine for the children to enjoy. We were happy to provide that for them as well.

Thank you!!