On January 23, 2015 we visited the Thua Sai Home for Disabled Children with food supplies and games. This trip was made possible by JL Support Services, who have committed to helping children from poor communities and orphans in Vietnam. Thua Sai offers a home and free education for children in the area who have cerebral palsy and other learning disabilities. There are also several deaf children at the home. All of the children come from poor families who cannot afford to provide dedicated care for them, and many stay at Thua Sai Monday through Friday.

Through the generosity of JL Support Services, our team of Ms. Hiep and Prof. Khanh brought milk, cooking oil, noodles, seasonings, snacks and soda, and games for the children to play. As with any visit to Thua Sai, the children were excited to have visitors, and dove right into the games. It was a fun event for everyone. Our thanks to everyone at JL Support Services!