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///Christmas and New Year at the Lac Thien Orphanage

Christmas and New Year at the Lac Thien Orphanage

On December 31, 2015 we brought a belated Christmas party and a New Year celebration to the Lac Thien Orphanage. Our team brought lots of presents to the children, plus new wood shelves for the orphanage. This entire trip was made possible by Hieu Nguyen of the USA.

Lac Thien is a poor orphanage in a small village near Ninh Hoa, north of Nha Trang. It is a well-run and loving home, and our team always has fun with the children on our visits. Lead by our lead coordinator Mai Khanh, lots of presents were handed out to all of the children, who clapped and sang songs around the table. The gifts included toys, dolls, clothes, and shoes. It was great fun watching the children tear into their surprise gifts!

We also brought a gift for the orphanage – two brand new wood shelves to help the children stay organized. We also brought snacks, and after opening presents, everyone sat down for big lunch.

Thank you for bringing joy to these wonderful children!

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