In early October 2020 we brought a big surprise to the Phu Quang Orphanage. In Vietnam, having a motorbike is a way of life, and for the orphanages is a practical necessity. The nuns and caretakers at the orphanages use motorbikes to shop at local markets, take the children to and from school, and run general errands. We learned that Phu Quang’s motorbike had broken down, so surprised them with a shiny new secondhand motorbike.

The nun and caretakers took turns driving the children around the courtyard, and there were big smiles all around. Next, we went into the orphanage’s common room for snacks and fun with balloons.

This lovely gift for the orphanage was made possible through a donation from Cuong Nguyen. Thank you!!!


The Phu Quang Orphanage was founded by Sister Thich Nu Dieu An at the Phu Quang pagoda in the early 2000’s. For many years, the orphanage was a loving home to a group of orphans and a foster home to neighborhood children whose families struggle to support and provide for them. The orphanage was forced to shut down for several years, and we were very happy to learn that it was up and running once again. Phu Quang is a smaller orphanage than before, and cares for just under 15 children in a loving environment.