On October 17, 2015 we furnished a new kindergarten classroom and brought new playground toys for the Nhan Ai Orphanage. With 130 orphans at Nhan Ai, many have yet to begin primary school, and require kindergarten classes to prepare them for first grade. Sister Huong told us that she wished to make one of the orphanage’s rooms a kindergarten, but lacked the funds to fully equip it. Thanks to a loving donation by JL Support Services, we created a complete classroom for the kindergarten, ensuring the little ones have a wonderful learning environment. We supplied desks, chairs, a whiteboard, posters, lots of school supplies, books, and toys.

On this same trip, we bought all new playground toys for the children to enjoy. When they were brought out to the courtyard, even some of the primary school children had to give them a try! Nhan Ai has a ball house for the orphans, but the plastic balls were old and broken. In addition to the playground toys, we fully restocked the ball house. All of the playground toys were also provided by JL Support Services.