In March 2024 we brought a big gift to the Dai An Orphanage. We had reached out to the caretakers and asked what the orphanage needed this month. The caretakers told us they could use a new standing freezer to add to the kitchen. We told them that we would have a brand new freezer delivered them. The caretakers were so happy!

The day the freezer arrived, the children gathered together in the main dining hall. We also brought lots of balloons to make the occasion festive. After taking some pictures, all the children got ice cream popsicles and had fun with the balloons. Such a great day!

This gift was made possible through the kind donations from Sharon Kelly, Stephen Milne, Scott Huynh, Koshu Takatsuji, and Daniel Cole. Thank you!!!


The Dai An Orphanage is located in Cam Ranh district, south of Nha Trang, and cares for approximately 30 young children. Dai An is in a tranquil countryside locale and has a large facility for the children to grow and play. The caretakers provide a nurturing and loving home for these amazing children. There are also classrooms in the orphanage to provide the children with extra tutoring after school.