In April 2022 we had a lovely visit with the children at the Suoi Dau Charity Home. After contacting the caretakers, we went to local markets and bought lots of food and essential supplies. Our team then loaded up a van and drove out to the home.

The children helped carry everything into the main common room. We brought bags of rice, bottles of cooking oil, siracha, soy sauce, seasonings, pepper, peanuts, instant porridge, condensed milk, instant wheat powder, racks of eggs, bar soap, and toothbrushes.

As a fun treat, we handed out ice cream bars for everyone to enjoy. So yummy!

This visit was made possible through a donation from the BEI Foundation. Thank you!!!


The Suoi Dau Charity Home is located in Suoi Dau district near Suoi Cat, which are both poor communities to the west of Nha Trang composed of rural farming hamlets that live in poverty. The Suoi Dau Charity Home is a loving place that houses and cares for a group of the community’s young boys whose families struggle to support and provide for them. The boys stay at the home year-round, sleep in dormitories, and have meals together in a communal dining hall. The boys all come from the ethnic Raglay minority group. Overseen by pastor Dam Nguyen, the caretakers who run the home provide a nurturing environment and ensure the children attend local public schools and provide after-school tutoring lessons.