On August 8, 2014 our good friends in the USA provided kind gifts to the Loc Tho Charity School and Orphanage. Richard and Marjorie of the USA are regular donors to Loc Tho, and support its mission to provide free primary schooling for impoverished youngsters in the area and offer a kind home to a number of orphans. Our Lead Coordinator, Hiep, is in constant touch with the nuns at the pagoda and knows what their needs are month to month. When Richard and Marjorie made a kind-hearted donation in July, Hiep spoke with the nuns at Loc Tho about how best to use the funds.

Part of being a charity school and orphanage involves having many volunteers who help the nuns with their day to day needs. One group of volunteers consists of older women who live full-time at the pagoda. These women come from poor families, and the pagoda cares for them in their golden years while they take care of the orphans and help where they can.

With this donation, Hiep bought gift bags for each of the older women who help at the orphanage in honor of the Vu Lan holiday, and also bought badminton rackets and shuttle****s for the children to have some fun in the summer. Thank you Richard and Marjorie for your continued support!