In January 2023 we made a special holiday visit to the Loc Tho Charity School. The Lunar New Year is the biggest holiday of the year, and we wanted to do something special for the children at Loc Tho to welcome the Year of the Cat. We coordinated with the nuns about food and supplies the school needed for the month, and made arrangements for Tet surprises for the kids.

On the day of our visit, our team bought all the general provisions at local markets and had it all delivered to the school. These included bags of rice, boxes of ramen, milk, vegan beef, vegan pork, vegan fish, tofu sheets, tofu, mushrooms, sesame seeds, cooking oil, and cleaning products.

The teachers and nuns gathered all the children in the common room, and our team walked around handing out red envelopes of lucky money and snack bags to all the children. There were big smiles everywhere!

This special charity visit was made in honor of Vien Le from the Catanese-Simon Family. Thank you!!!


The Loc Tho Pagoda has had a charity school since 1991, which was founded by Sister Thich Nu Dieu Y.  Sister Dieu Y dedicated her life to the children and passed away in 2014. The school is now run by the amazing and loving nuns of the Loc Tho pagoda. It’s a free primary school for poor children in the community whose parents cannot afford the costs of a public education. Textbooks, uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and teachers’ fees are all paid for by the school, and all children are welcome. The school provides breakfast and lunch for the students. The pagoda also cares for several orphans and foster children.