On July 25, 2019 we visited the Sunflower Orphanage with new school uniforms for the children. Sunflower is home to a large group of orphans, located in Nha Trang’s city center. The new school year is coming up and we contacted the caretakers and asked how would could help with the school costs. They gave us a detailed list of their needs, some of which varied by the children’s grade level, and organized a trip.

We brought new school athletic uniforms for the all the children, a resupply of the orphanage’s first aid cabinet, and some general foodstuff. As a treat, our team handed out popsicles, which was a big hit on a hot day. The children then tried on their new school uniforms. It was a fun visit!

This charity trip was made possible through the kind donations of Michelle Nguyen.

Thank you!!!