On September 26, 2012 we helped coordinated with Project Healthy Smile at the Loc Tho Charity School. Several months ago, we were contacted by Michelle Patterson about their organization’s desire to come to Nha Trang and visit one of the places that we help. Project Healthy Smile is a renowned charity that offers free check-ups, provides dental supplies, and endeavors to instill sound oral hygiene in developing countries. They have made visits to Africa and other parts of Asia, and it was our pleasure to help them coordinate their efforts in Vietnam.

The Loc Tho Charity School provides free primary schooling for youngsters who could not otherwise afford the fees of public school. They also provide free breakfast and lunch for the children. This was the first time many of them had ever received a dental check-up, and the children were fascinated by the experience. Our Lead Coordinator for Loc Tho, Hiep Pham, worked with Michelle and Hollie Mae of Project Healthy Smile, and it was a successful visit. Later in the evening, the children celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with lanterns and lion dances.

Our thanks to Michelle and Hollie, and everyone at Project Healthy Smile for this wonderful visit to help the children.