On May 26, 2016 we attended a dual celebration at the Kim Son Charity School. Adjacent the Kim Son Pagoda, the Kim Son Charity School offers free primary schooling with accredited teachers in their classrooms for neighborhood youngsters. These children come from very poor families who cannot afford the many costs of public schools, such as uniforms, textbooks, supplies, and school fees. Kim Son also runs a free vocational school that teaches sewing skills for young adults looking to enter the tailoring or textile industries.

We have long been a contributor to Kim Son’s amazing mission, and accepted the nuns’ invitation to attend their year-end ceremony and celebration of Buddha’s birthday. The children received small gifts, the top students of the year were given new bicycles, and there were speeches given by the teachers and students. Some of the children put on performances with costumes, and a professional group performed traditional dances for the children. The pagoda also handed out boxes of noodles and other necessities for poor families in the areas.

Our thanks to everyone at Kim Son for continuing their incredible mission!