In November 2022 we had a fun visit and birthday party at the Thien An Charity Home and School. Thien An is a new place that we have only recently begun visiting, and we’re still getting to know the children. We reached out to the nuns at the orphanage and said we would like to bring some general supplies for the month, plus do something special for the children. The nuns gave us a details list of items to buy and suggested a birthday party for all the children. What a great idea!

On the day of the visit, our team of volunteers went to local markets and bought lots of food and general supplies. They loaded up a van then stopped by a bakery for a birthday cake. Then it was time for the long drive north.

After our team arrived, they brought all the supplies into the common room and handed out toys to the children. Supplies included seasonings, milk, racks of eggs, pork, black beans, mung beans, fresh vegetables, sausages, sandwich bread, rice paper, fish sauce, body wash, shampoo, cleaning supplies, plastic chairs, and fabric softener.

We brought out the birthday cake and handed out birthday hats. Next, we helped prepare a special lunch for everyone to enjoy. Finally, all the children got slices of the birthday cake. It was a wonderful visit!

This charity trip was made possible through the kindhearted donations from Dan, Van, and Devin Haynes. Thank you!!!


This loving place is located in the hilly countryside of Khanh Hoa province. There are very few schools in this region and illiteracy among children is high. The local Thien An Catholic Church sought to help the children complete their schooling, so started the Thien An Charity Home and School. The children have housing accommodations and receive the meals in a communal dining hall. Classrooms have been set up so the children can all receive the education they richly deserve.